The REAL reason we should follow instagram accounts

Monday June 1st 2020

There is a LOT of reason to follow Instagram accounts but sometimes people feel the need to follow account that they don’t necessarily like or are into. Another reason people follow accounts may be that they think others will follow them back if they follow lots of people, they think of it as a way to gain followers instead of creating and seeing other people’s content that THEY enjoy. So I’ve given five reasons below that might make you think about whether you are enjoying and following the right people. These are only five reasons but there’s a lot OF OTHER reasons to follow accounts on instagram. Remember you are aloud to unfollow people if you want to. Enjoy!

A little side note: follow for follow or sub for sub is not a great way to grow long term or get good interaction.

1. You should ACTUALLY Like their content
One reason you should follow accounts is because you enjoy and like the content that they produce. It might be their YouTube video, blog posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories or maybe you simply enjoy reading their captions on their post.
2. You Look forward to seeing what content they will share next
One thing I’ve noticed is that I follow accounts that I love and this means when I go on Instagram I want to search them up and see what they have created recently , making Instagram a place that I want to look on and is filled with content I enjoy.
3. Their content helps or gives you answers
You want to follow accounts that give you advice or help you out. It might talk about a positive lifestyle, how to deal with toxic friendships or maybe it’s something like; ‘how to grow on Instagram’. It’s also nice to follow accounts that show reality ad make you feel like you’re not alone in your problems, for example they may open up about “how lockdowns is effecting them” and you may be struggling as well. Just knowing someone is feeling the same, can help you out.

4. Don’t feel the need to look at accounts
You should not feel the need to comment on an account just because they commented on yours. You should support accounts that you enjoy, agree with and but feel NO pressure to keep up to date with their content. You should enjoy their content and of course is nice if someone comments on your account or supports you that you give them support back but it’s not necessary and not a reason for you to feel that you needed to follow them , if their content is not something you are into!
5. Make you feel happy and good vibes
We want happy vibes, body positivity, Girl talk, reality and all-round support filled with happy moments that bring you a smile. Maybe it’s a meme or a fun caption or just a happy quote! All we want is a positive space and not a fake or upsetting place, of course we want some reality thrown in their as well, so accounts aren’t always expected to be happy or positive. What I mean is that if you this account that you follow makes you unhappy or is a little toxic then click the unfollow button, for you.

Hope you enjoyed! Remember you don’t NEED to follow Instagram accounts and only follow ones that you want to, to keep up to date with more content like this follow my Instagram here (only if you want to ;))…. have a lovely day xoxo


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