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Wednesday February 26th 2020

Hey guyssss. Welcome or welcome back. Today I’m gonna tell you the things I’ve learnt from my prelims ( practice exams) If you guys want more of these posts then be sure to tell me over on my Instagram @emmablether

So I only started having exams this year and I had practice exams in December. That was the first ever time I really sat a proper exam. Kinda scary. But I’ve learnt some things along the way and if your like me you may always be looking for tips on how to keep motivated and how to study. So here is some of my tips!


You may have heard a lot of people say this but honestly it’s true! Set a timer and an aim and get that studying done! Suddenly what would take 4 hours is only taking 2. Literally. You could sit at your desk for hours but not be fully productive you might get distracted or start daydreaming. So get that brain of yours working and ready to learn. A great app which I only just found out about is called flip. Honestly a life saver. You put in your goals and start the timer. If you go on your phone it stops and at the end tells you that your focus level has gone down! I used it the other day and no joke, I planned to take 3 hours and i did it in 2! This is because I was in the right mindset and determined to get it done!


Having a tidy space makes me feel in control and ready to be productive. My room seems to get messy very easily so I need to work on that. But if where ever you are study Is messy either do a rapid tidy up or if that will take to long then go somewhere else and once you have finished studying start tidying everything away so you can go back to a tidy study environment. Honestly if things are tidy you feel in control and ready.


Its good to have a break, we definitely need to take them. I see all over the place that you should work 20 mins and then break 10 mins. For me this doesn’t work. If it works for you then great! But for me no. I feel like I am only just starting to get into the study process and understand the topic or really start working hard and everything is going well. And then BAM. Your hit with a timer and take a 10 minute break. Then I go back to study and actually feel less motivated to have to get back into the swing of it. I would say I can work for about  2 hours and then take a break. I’m going to try studying for as long as I need but when I need a break I should stop. Because no breaks equals bad quality. Although this may work for you !


We can still have a life. We can still go out with friends and family. When it gets closer to the exams yes we won’t have as much time but honestly you need to socialise. It keeps you healthy, motivated and on top of your game. Find a Balance. If you are going out with friends in the afternoon get up earlier and study in the morning. If you are meeting in the morning when you get back hit the books. There is always time to study and sometimes you need to just use time effectively to get revision done. Half an hour time slot. Finish of those flashcards you made or plan your next study session.


For me so far, a time table does not work. I used to spend time making nice timetables and planning what I was going to do. But something would always take longer or I would start earlier or later or something would get in the way. Then my whole time table would be messed up and I would be behind and all over the place. I would get less done and feel so unproductive. So I make lists. I say roughly how long it will take me and I work my way through it using the app flip to keep me on track or motivated. I feel like it’s okay to take longer on something but as long as it’s effective. I also want to say that time management is hard, I’m still working on it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully these tips can help you ! Remember this is my preference but you Amy prefer doing revision another way! Take inspiration and make sure it’s right for you!


Emma xoxo


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