Simple spa ideas

Sunday May 26th 2019


So today’s topic is Spa days! Sometimes you need a little time to relax and let yourself rest. Even if you aren’t tired it’s always fun to have your own little spa, at least i think so. OK confession time i always forget about spa nights and have never done all of these things in the same night. If you feel up to a mission you should try and complete all of these ideas below!


It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece you could just grab a ready made cookie dough and shove them in the oven! I like to bake but I need to be in the mood to do it  and sometimes it can take a while. So if baking is your idea of stress or torture then skip on past but if it makes you feel good about yourself then turn the oven on and start baking !


You could pay to get them done but this is all about being in your own comfy habitat. So grab a simple nail varnish and wack it on. The good thing is if it fails you can take it of . Tip: Don’t go to fancy unless you are feeling ready to go all out.


Because I like to have as much sleep as I can I like to just have a quick shower. But on a spa evening I would want to have a relaxing bath with nice smelling candles and lots of bubbles.


I hardly use face masks I think I’ve probably only done about four in my life !  I know shocker :). When I have used them it’s been really relaxing and made me feel fresh.I don’t get mega expensive ones I don’t see the point . Maybe if your skin is really sensitive but nah I’ll stick with my cheap ones even if sometimes I’m scared I’ll come out in a rash,so far so good . Maybe chop some cucumber up and place it on your eyes :))


-lights off

– make sure your room is tidy ( if you can be bothered)

– make your bed ,lie on it and put your face mask on

– close your curtains

-find relaxing music

– turn some fairy lights on

– maybe light some candles but remember to blow them out before you sleep



Do you get easily bored ? Find a good book ! I know it’s really hard to find a good book (maybe a blog on that soon)once you find the right book you are sorted . Give it a try but if that fails then draw or find a colouring book ! This is for all ages because this is a way to de- stress and relax . Even if you do a little doodle on the side of an old piece of paper with a blunt pencil you should still be able to relax. If you are a perfectionist or an artist that wants it to be amazing then take a break . I would recommend being of electronics so maybe watch a feel good movie that you don’t have to concentrate on.



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