Secret Santa ideas with a budget of £3-£10

Monday December 23rd 2019

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog today is a collab with we thought of five secret Santa ideas each with the budget of £3-£10 so go check her blog out to get more  amazing ideas for secret Santa!

Lip balm/face Mask

A cute lip balm, lipgloss or lipstick can be a perfect small but useful present. Nah not in to the lip balm? What about a relaxing face mask…just make sure they are not allergic and it is the right type for there skin.


A planner is a great way to get someone feeling positive and prepared for the new year! You can get some cheap ones as well as some fancy ones so it just depends on your budget.

A book

Maybe you could get them a book. Do they like to read ? You could find a new genre they might like or maybe you know of a perfect book for them !

Body spray

There is nothing better than feeling confident in how you smell . 😂

You could get a cheap but useful spray out of somewhere like Superdrug ! ( I have a ted baker spray from there!)


Ooooohhh what about cinnamon scented candles to get the person feeling festive !


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