Scared for exams

Monday April 15th 2019

Hey everyone, welcome back so i haven’t posted in a while and thought i would go straight into what I’ve been thinking lately! the good thing is I’ve not been studying because i’m not at exam stage yet*phew*. The one thing that has been on my mind is exams! I’m so scared for this next time next year when i will have to sit my exams in under a month. I know a lot can happen in a year and a bit but i have been freeking out.Well maybe not freeking out more just worried. How many times will i say i by the end of this blog??*counts how many times she said i* .

The thing that scares me the most is not knowing what to expect , my teachers , friends and family all say things like,’oh exams next year’, ‘enjoy your free time now’ and ‘awww you’ll be fine ‘.I don’t mind them saying that but the pressure is scary i’ in the top sets for Maths and English and do well in most of my tests.I’m not sharing this to say i’m smart i’m just saying i’m not expected to fail at all and the pressure and not knowing what i will have to do scares me.When i really think about it the person that puts the most pressure on me is myself, i expect so much of myself and i want to do really well. This is positive and negative because i want to do my best but bad because the pressure will definitely get to me when i’m revising next year.

Another thing that scares me is not knowing what the exam will be like. I know you have to revise and do a lot of assignments but its not knowing what the paper is like and how much revision i have to do. It’s not knowing how long and how often i should revise so i searched up the past papers for each of my subjects and had a look through each of them and honestly i was relived i feel like i know what it will be like!! Of course i will have a lot of tests and essays and projects to do on the lead up to the exam.I will be properly stressed out but for now i feel under control and ready after seeing the past paper. Soon i will have an idea of how much i will have to do and i will feel under control. So for now i’m off to enjoy the rest of my holidays !

Bye everyone!

From Emma xoxo


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