One year today… well yesterday !!!

Saturday February 15th 2020

Guys guys guysssss it’s been a year!

A year since the idea of EmmaBlether was created !!!!!

A year ago yesterday:

I was on a walk with my family( we were on holiday) and I was talking about what I wanted to be when I was older( of course I still don’t know) I was thinking about being a journalist or doing  a career to do with writing. My dad suggested that I stated a blog and then I got really excited at the start I wasn’t sure but then once we worked out how I could do it, I was so excited. I was going to have my own blog. But what would I call it ? Name after name, thought after thought. I was determined to get a name by the end of the day and after many searches and a lil frustration I finally got Emma Blether! ( blog is being written about why and how I got the name)

I knew straight away I wanted an Instagram so people would be able to access it. So at like 11 o’clock ish at night on Valentine’s Day 2019 I made an account. I didn’t know who to follow, what to post or what to say. I soon got the just of it and even went out the next day to buy two notebooks( one for my Instagram and one for my blogs). I sometimes use the notebooks but now I normally type my blogs instead of writing and then typing. I thought posting a blog would be easy, just say what I want and hit post. I then realised that it was more than that, I realised I would have to take pictures for my blog, keep my Instagram active, try to find my niche( still working on that), decide when to post, get people looking at my posts, keeping it anonymous, doing school stuff at the same time and much more! So when my blog was launched roughly a month later I realised all of this but I was still ready to take the challenge. I then stopped after a couple of months, i stopped for around 4-6 months and then thought to myself one day, I want to blog, I want to write, I want to share my thoughts and tips and all the random stuff in between. I wanted to blog. So I continued.  Started my pink theme and posted. I’ve made changes throughout this time. I’m meant to post on Sunday and Wednesday but we all know that I’m not good at keeping on schedule. Anyways moving on quickly…I’m going to try harder I promise. I feel more motivated and READY TO BLOG. It’s been exactly a year today since I first posted on my Instagram account, It has nearly been a year since I posted my first blog but not quite.

I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for the support. I may not have that many followers on Instagram (253) and the most  views I’ve had on my blog is 21. But I had a break, I’m not on schedule and yeh lol that’s enough of me being a Debbie downer. I know it’s not all about the numbers but Thank you to all of you for following, liking, commenting and the lot. Thank you thank you thank you. Also special thanks to the people who have done an interview on my blog! It’s been amazing to do and I’ve loved blogging! Sometimes life gets in the way but I’m trying hard to stick to a schedule of every Sunday and Wednesday. P.S new blog series coming out every second Sunday starting next Sunday, it’s about social media and my thoughts. I’m calling it… well I don’t have a name yet but if anyway has an idea go over to my Instagram and let me know! Keep a look out for more blogs!

From Emma xoxo


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