Netflix and why I love it !!

Sunday September 8th 2019

Hey everyone,

So today is the day i talk about Netflix.Yep your right the amazing Netflix is getting talked about on here. If you don’t have Netflix don’t worry your probably doing more productive stuff than all us netflixers (i don’t think that’s a word).

Anywayyyy back to it. So i used to have it but our family never really used it and to be honest i was fine with that i couldn’t really find anything to watch (at the time). THENNNNN my friends started talking about all these series and movies they had watched and as much as i wanted to relate at the same time i wasn’t really to bothered until recently we decided to get a free month trial on Netflix .The amount of films i have watched is a lot more than i used to! Before i just watched random stuff (lol i still do that) but now i might decide to sit down and watch a good rom-com(I don’t know how to spell it but it stands for romantic comedy.) Yep your right i’m that kind of girl that likes to chill and watch a good rom-com(really don’t know how to spell it ). Basically instead of spending time on my phone i like to watch a movie. it feels like it takes you away from reality and social media, its a good time to let your brain deflate and relax. I do like a good mystery and action film , just recently I’ve been feeling like the rom-com movies!i also found some good series such as Brooklyn Nine Nine!Anyway I might do another blog on suggestions for Netflix. I hope you enjoyed this blog were I basically tried to convince you Netflix is good for you.(seriously though sometimes you just need a break).

From Emma xoxo


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