My Social Media Thoughts-1

Sunday February 23rd 2020

Hey everyone ! So today I have an exciting announcement… a couple of weeks ago I told everyone on Instagram and now I am making it official. I am making a social media series on my blog!! I will be posting lots and lots of content all about social media including; advantages, disadvantages, my thoughts, other peoples thoughts and the effects it has  on daily life. I think social media can be used in an uplifting positive way but it can also come with many disadvantages. So look out for a new post on social media every second Sunday. And my normal blogs will be posted on every other Sunday and every Wednesday. I am of course continuing with my blog interviews as I love doing them because I can spread positivity and inspiration. Anyways thanks for reading and I’ll see you next Sunday with the first social media post! 🙂

From Emma xoxo


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So I only started having exams this year and I had practice exams in December. That was the first ever time I really sat a proper exam. Kinda scary. But I’ve learnt some things along the way.

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But what would I call it ? Name after name, thought after thought. I was determined to get a name by the end of the day and after many searches and a lil frustration I finally got Emma Blether!

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