Interview with Jade:Mental health,IBS ,inspiration and more …

Sunday October 13th 2019

Hey everyone !!! Today I have another blog interview ,you might of seen my last one with  Poppy, but this time I interviewed Jade !! Jade has a YouTube, a blog and an instagram account –

Jade has been amazing at answering my questions and I’m so happy to be able to post this !!So keep reading to find out more about how to help someone with mental health, her fav things to do, her story on IBS and much more ….

Introduce yourself (favourite things to do /hobbies !!)

Fave things to do: Going to concerts, travelling, shopping

Hobbies: Blogging , youtube, gym. I follow a footie team as well and i’m also a massive tennis fan as well.

Favourite songs and playlist at the moment ?

Ooof. That’s  hard!!!

I mean. I’m loving 80’s, 90’s and 00’s playlists right now but i will always fall back to Ariana Grande , Camila Cabello and Halsey amongst others.

What inspired you to start your account?

Well I initially made my account for personal reasons!!

Not for blogging and stuff like that. I made  it because everyone else was doing the same when i was at school but then I started to take it more seriously and got more interested in it, and now. My main motivations are to help people and bring light to someone’s life. I wanna share my experiences to help others. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face or if someone says a caption I wrote has helped them in some way then i’m a happy bunny with that.😇

How do you deal with your IBS?

So I have prescription medication for it now. I used to be on Buscopan but it stopped working really in July this year. I was bloated to the point I looked pregnant for over a week with no relent on it. So I now take Mebeverine Hydrochloride tablets which are ten times stronger than the buscopan was,for now it seems to be helping but medics aside. I have basically removed dairy from my diet to try and alleviate some of my symptoms, but i al gonna check to see if i’m officially allergic/ intolerant to Lactose or any of the other common allergens because right now i’m still guessing. I go to the gym as well. i take hot baths a lot to soothe my muscles but stress is a massive factor in it and stress is always there so sometimes i have bad days purely from that. My anxiety basically triggered this illness they are very closely linked and one can set off the other easily.

What advice would you give someone who is also fighting IBS?

I do have a blog post all about managing a chronic illness which I went in depth about this exact question on,but for short i’d say be patient with yourself. Do not ever let yourself believe you deserved to get it or asked for it and savour the moments/days where you have no pain or symptoms but also savour the good days, to remind you they exist when you’re in a bad patch xxx

What ways can a friend help another friend with mental health ? Or should they just be there for them ?

It’s more than just being there.

Yes, the reassurance that people are there for you is always lovely and for me personally it’s soothing to me but everyone is different.

If people want to help i’d say, don’t say patronising things, don’t compare experiences. If someone is having a panic attack it’s terrifying and the last thing people want to hear is that others have it worse.You should research the illness a little and try to understand why it exists and the symptoms and stuff. Look up coping techniques and coping mechanisms so you can help friends and family if they need it.

What’s at the top of your bucket list ?

Okay easy question, top of my list is to emigrate and move to New York😌

Any extra inspiring words you want to say ?

I would say mental health is a journey. There’s no fixed destination and it’s not a contest everyone’s journey is different and that’s fine but it’s also something that requires constant care and attention. Look after it, once you reach a good place you gotta try and stay there. Also know that if you do slip down the rabbit hole you can get out of it again. just give it patience and time x

Thanks everyone for reading and thank you so much Jade!! As you can tell all Jade wants to do is put a real happy smile on a face and I hope reading this has done that for you, or made you feel a little more confident and positive. Hope you all enjoyed and make sure to come back next Sunday for the next blog or catch up on any other blogs that you might of missed !! 


Emma xoxo


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