How to stay of your phone

Sunday September 29th 2019

Heyy everyone ,

Today’s post is some tips on how to stay of your phone. Obviously these are just some ideas and not all of them will work for you but it is a good idea to not always been on your phone and enjoy the moment!! I’m not saying that phones are bad because they are helpful and is an easy way to contact people. However you can use these tips to reduce the time you spend on your phone…

  1. Put it on silent and then it won’t tempt you to look.                                                               
  2. Turn it off for an hour or more !!
  3. Track how much time you spend on your phone and try to reduce it using goals and targets.
  4. Find something non electronic to do e.g sports, reading and writing.
  5. Take in the world around you instead of always capturing it for social media.
  6. Or simple put it in a draw and distract yourself!!

That was a very small post but I hope you enjoyed and hopefully it helps you out !


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