How to make an Omelette

Monday September 16th 2019

Hey guys !!
It’s Emma back and today I’m going to tell you how I make an omelette!!

I love to make a quick and easy meal and an omelette is one of them. I like to change what food I am eating so I’m not always having a sandwich for lunch or pasta for dinner. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you!

I can’t remember who told me this recipe so just to let you know I didn’t make this up but I use it all the time .

Okay let’s get on with it !

Ingredients: 2 eggs
A small amount of butter

And any toppings or ingredients you would put inside.

Normally I would just put cheese and ham but I asked a few people on Instagram ( which is : EmmaBlether) what they used and these are the suggestions I got ! So go give them a follow !!!!

Suggestions – cheese – TheLittleLifestyle
– tofu – cutie_julian
– avocados – cutie_julian

Thank you for the suggestions !

Step one: Crack two eggs and whisk in a jug until well mixed. Get ingredients for inside ready.

Step two: Get a frying pan out and put it on the hob at a medium heat , get a small cube of butter ready.

Step three: Once the frying pan has heated up but the butter in the pan and spread it all the way around it should melt fast and sizzle. It’s important to have it all over pan so the the omelette doesn’t stick!

Step four : Pour the eggs onto the frying pan and even it out moving the pan around creating an even layer of egg mixture all over the pan. At a high heat

Step five: After a few minutes put it down to a low heat and complete gathering ingredients for inside the omelette and wait.

Step Six: When Omelette looks cooked flip it over and wait for the other side to cook.

Step Seven: Once cooked put ingredients in the centre of the omelette and fold it over.

Step Eight: Slide omelette from the pan to a plate and serve up.

I served it with a small dish of avocado but anything would be fine. Even just an omelette would look and taste great.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it was helpful!!


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