How to get rid of a headache…

Monday August 12th 2019

Ughhh I’m so tired write now :/

So I thought I would write a lil blog on how to stop headaches, cause your girl got one right now. Hopefully this is helpful 🙂

Number 1:

Drink water . Yep everyone says that but try it! Always drink 2 litres a day. That’s one I need to work on…

Number 2:

Medicine ? Nah,give other ways a go and if they fail THEN make sure you are taking the right amount of medicine / tablets!

Number 3:

Sleep. What is that you ask ? Search it up ! Cause it’s important .

Number 4:

The pain may be coming from your neck / shoulders so make sure that they are free of tension.

Hope that all makes sense ! Have an amazing headache free day !

From Emma xo


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