How to get over failure

Sunday November 10th 2019

Hey I’m talking about failure because recently I went for something but I didn’t get in. I felt like it made me lose my confidence but I have decided I won’t let it get me down so here is some hopefully inspiring words to pick you back up again !

Feeling like you have failed is personal and can vary from just about everything it might be getting a low mark in a test or not getting into the football club you trialed out for. So you think you’ve failed. You think that it’s the end of the world like your whole life depends on whether you pass a test or not. So maybe it was important but there is always an other option, you might not like it as much but you will adapt to it. I don’t like using the word fail, it shouldn’t even be a word. Think about it this way,the only reason you feel you have failed is because you or someone else  is telling you you have but let me tell you ,you haven’t . You tried your best right? Or do you feel like you should have tried harder ? The truth is that you are successful if you get back on track , tell yourself you can do it. Learn from your mistakes. Maybe everyone trialing  for the football was amazing and you just missed out. Do you know what you do? You hold your head high you get outside and you kick that ball you  parctice, you train and you try again because that is success. Failure is when you fail to try and be successful. You might go back next year and fail again but you haven’t failed, because you tried. Tell  yourself you are good enough and don’t let it get you down. Of course it’s  natural to feel let down and have a loss in confidence but no matter how many times you miss out on an oppurtunity or get a low mark in a test, no matter what, you know that you have tried and you know that  you will continue to try because  sometimes in life not everything goes to plan. Sometimes you are the only person that can change what happens and if you know you have done everything you could possibly do then you have succeeded. You have not failed .

From Emma xoxo


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