Finding “your thing”

Sunday September 1st 2019

A couple years ago in my friendship group I felt everyone had “their thing”. By their thing I mean that they had a hobby and something they were really into for example:

                 Friend 1-dancing

                Friend 2- athletics

                Friend 3- swimming

And so on ….

I had tried sports before but never really found the one that I loved and felt like I was actually doing well in. In the end I found my sport !!! And then I realised I like writing and acting and singing and all sorts of things. I like being a kind person and making sure my friends and family are happy. I am into a lot of things and it’s not just one thing that is mine, it’s a lot of things that make me who I am. So if you are looking for something then take a step back and think. Do I need a hobby to define me ? Do I need to be into sports? No , the answer is no. You are who you are because of who you are. You don’t need to be into something to explain who you are, you just need to be you. Sometimes it’s hard and maybe you should  try different things and be willing to give them a go. But after all, you are who you are because of who you you are.

From Emma xo


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