Thursday August 22nd 2019

It’s weird. Even if you can’t think of it on the spot we all have a fear(i think). Our body tells us that we are scared and we just believe it. We try to ignore it but the fear builds up and we over think. You could be scared of something that keeps you up all night and also be scared of something that gives you a fear for a few seconds.

People are scared of things that i can’t imagine being scared of but i’m scared of things they can’t  imagine being scared of. In this community of a world we don’t admit our fears enough. We want to look tough and inside we are scared. Why do we do that?We do that because sometimes the world turns into a competition, a never ending one. Who are we impressing?If we are fake to everyone does that mean everyone around us is fake? No because with the people you are closest to ,you should be able to show your emotions and say how you feel. You should be able to tell them every single fear. (well maybe not every fear). If you don’t feel comftorable or have that trust then don’t tell them just be true to yourself.

That was quite a deep post. What i am trying to say is admit your fears to yourself. If you want to discuss them with other then you should! I hope you enjoyed this blog and have a good day!


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