50 new year resolutions ideas !

Wednesday January 8th 2020

I know it has been exactly a week since New Year’s Day but here is some New Years resolution ideas. Here you go….

These are all very broad but In order for you to achieve them you should change them slightly to fit you and your goals. For example the first one is “exercise more” but you could change it to “ exercise once a week”

  1. Exercise more
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Read more
  4. Read before you go to bed
  5. Drink 2 litres of water a day
  6. Have your five a day everyday
  7. Keep a dairy and write in it every day
  8. Learn something new every day
  9. Make my bed every day
  10. Keep on top of laundry
  11. Keep room tidy
  12. Dust room every week
  13. Sleep for …..hours every night
  14. Study for _hours a week
  15. Try new things
  16. Go on electronics less
  17. Meditate every day
  18. Bake once a week
  19. Cook less
  20. Keep a bullet journal
  21. Study effectively
  22. Drink less of ____
  23. Eat less of ____
  24. Draw more
  25. Colour in more
  26. Complement someone everyday
  27. Practice musical instrument for __hours a week
  28. Make a  pack lunch the night before
  29. Take a photo every day
  30. Write down something you appreciate every day
  31. Write down something you have learnt every day
  32. Wear make up less
  33. Become more confident in yourself
  34. Do a sports more often
  35. Do stretches more often
  36. Paint your nails more
  37. Practice make up
  38. Clear out whole room
  39. Donate to charity
  40. Raise money for charity
  41. Hoover room more
  42. Save money
  43. Travel more
  44. Go on more walks
  45. Spend more time with family
  46. Spend more time with friends
  47. Start new clubs
  48. Start a new hobby
  49. Earn more money
  50. Get up earlier

Hope you enjoyed ! I actually Enjoyed making this list. Obviously I am not using all of these ideas but if you want to know what ones I am trying to achieve click this link !http://www.emmablether.com/news/my-new-years-resolutions/

From Emma xo


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