10 birthday ideas while in lockdown, how to celebrate someones birthday while social distancing

Monday June 8th 2020

Do you or someone you know have a birthday coming up, but you need to social distance, follow guidelines or are still in lockdown? Well, here is some ideas which might help you! Of course, you should adapt these ideas to your circumstances and follow guidelines. Let’s get straight into it….

1. Drive to a friend’s house with balloons
Turn up at the persons house with balloons and presents. You could stay in your car or stay 2 meters away. You could sing happy birthday or make a dance routine to perform.

2. Scavenger hunt filled with memories
Make a scavenger house around your house and garden for the birthday boy or girl to complete. Maybe it has a theme or maybe it is filled with memories. Whatever it is it will show the person that you have put time into planning it and maybe even put a prize at the end of the hunt!

3. Big birthday meal
Bake, bake, bake. Make treats. Fill a table with food that the birthday person loves and dig in.

4. Make a video filled with memories for that person
If you know how to do basic editing of videos you could create a video that has lots of pictures and videos of you with that person. It’s so fun to look back on all the memories together and you could add in some music as well to make it upbeat or mementoes. Maybe even add in messages from loved ones who aren’t able to visit because of circumstances.

Create a fun quiz about the person or even get them to make one for you to participate in. You could do this via zoom or other technology or if you can , you could do it in person.

6.Camp in the back garden
Get your tent up! Add fairy lights and cushions, make it a fun adventure and experience by getting out of the house and into the garden for a change.

7. Family sleepover
Maybe you don’t want to sleep in a tent but if you live with other people then you could get everyone in the same room and have a family sleepover! This may not appeal to you but on the other hand it may be so much fun and a time for everyone to relax and chat together.

8.Make your  own face-masks and have a pamper night
Be creative and host your own spa in your house. Get making face masks, fairy lights up, pop on some chill music and paint your nails. However, you want to do it have a fun self-care night or day.

9.Watch sunset or sunrise
Go on a late night or early morning walk to see a beautiful sunrise or set. Its an adventure and may be slightly different to normal. Have fun!

10. Have a movie marathon
Watch as many movies as you can! Get your duvets out and popcorn ready . Have  an at home cinema and make it last all day 

So that’s all for todays blog! Hopefully you now have some inspiration. Enjoy your birthday or someone else’s birthday!!


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