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Study tips!

So I only started having exams this year and I had practice exams in December. That was the first ever time I really sat a proper exam. Kinda scary. But I’ve learnt some things along the way.

My Social Media Thoughts-1

My thoughts on social media- introduction to the series !

One year today… well yesterday !!!

But what would I call it ? Name after name, thought after thought. I was determined to get a name by the end of the day and after many searches and a lil frustration I finally got Emma Blether!

Interview : The Scrunchie shop -young teen setting up a business

Hey everyone welcome back to the blog ! Today I have another interview but this time it is with a business ! I asked Georgia Spyve who is only 15 and has started her own business! Yep you heard right. She is 15 with her own business. She sells handmade scrunchies

50 new year resolutions ideas !

I know it has been exactly a week since New Year’s Day but here is some New Years resolution ideas. Here you go…. These are all very broad but In order for you to achieve them you should change them slightly to fit you and your goals. For example the first one is “exercise more” [...]

My New Years resolutions

It’s a new year,  actually a new decade 🙂 I’ve been thinking of some new “new year resolutions”. I never know what to say when people ask me what it is , because I actually never really know what my new year resolutions are and normally come up with something like “to read more” or [...]

Christmas movies you NEED to watch

It’s Christmas Eve !!! Time to get very very excited for Christmas ! If you are not in the Christmas spirit  then here is some of my favourite Christmas movies for you to cram in before Christmas Day. If you are in the festive mood then what better way to enhance the Christmas excitement by [...]

Christmas food ideas and suggestions

Hey everyone…ready for Christmas ? If you are busy doing  Christmas food shopping then you can get some inspiration and ideas from this  list! Quality streets Turkey ! Matchmakers (mint ones are the best) Pigs in blankets Roast potatoes Chocolate coins Pringles Lots of crisps Sensations Selection box Chocolate orange Stuffing ! I always get [...]

Secret Santa ideas with a budget of £3-£10

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog today is a collab with we thought of five secret Santa ideas each with the budget of £3-£10 so go check her blog out to get more  amazing ideas for secret Santa! Lip balm/face Mask A cute lip balm, lipgloss or lipstick can be a perfect small but [...]

Top 10 Christmas songs for your playlist!!

It’s the 1st of December! Have you opened your advent calendar? To start of the festive month I am doing a collab with   She has a blog and a really pretty Instagram so you should really go check it out! We have been supper busy lately but Erin and I have put together our [...]

How to get over failure

Hey I’m talking about failure because recently I went for something but I didn’t get in. I felt like it made me lose my confidence but I have decided I won’t let it get me down so here is some hopefully inspiring words to pick you back up again ! Feeling like you have [...]

How to save money! (Easy)

Hey guys, want to know how to save money? Then read on to see my ideas. Don’t get your nails done ! Paint them yourself with a £1 nail varnish. Of course it’s lovely to spend money on self care and obviously I’m not against that but if you are desperate to save money, try [...]

Interview with Jade:Mental health,IBS ,inspiration and more …

Hey everyone !!! Today I have another blog interview ,you might of seen my last one with Poppy, but this time I interviewed Jade! So keep reading to find out more about how to help someone with mental health, her fav things to do, her story on IBS and much more ....

Enjoy the moment…

Today’s blog is all about thinking in the moment.

How to stay of your phone

Today’s post is some tips on how to stay of your phone. ( click to see them !))

Interview : With Poppy!

Hey guys ! Today I have an interview with Poppy...

How to make an Omelette

Hey guys !! It's Emma back and today I'm going to tell you how I make an omelette!!

Netflix and why I love it !!

Hey everyone, So today is the day i talk about Netflix.Yep your right the amazing Netflix is getting talked about on here. If you don’t have Netflix don’t worry your probably doing more productive stuff than all us netflixers (i don’t think that’s a word). Anywayyyy back to it. So i used to have it [...]

Finding “your thing”

A couple years ago in my friendship group I felt everyone had “their thing”. By their thing I mean that they had a hobby and something they were really into for example:                  Friend 1-dancing                 Friend 2- athletics     [...]

Top tips for high school :Friends edition

Hey !!! Are you starting school soon ? Is school fun ? Is it not a good place at all ? Well here is a few tips about having friends at school…enjoy x Number one : Be friends with the people that make you happy and are just like you !!! Don’t go for the [...]


It’s weird. Even if you can’t think of it on the spot we all have a fear(i think). Our body tells us that we are scared and we just believe it. We try to ignore it but the fear builds up and we over think. You could be scared of something that keeps you up [...]

How to get rid of a headache…

Ughhh I’m so tired write now :/ So I thought I would write a lil blog on how to stop headaches, cause your girl got one right now. Hopefully this is helpful 🙂 Number 1: Drink water . Yep everyone says that but try it! Always drink 2 litres a day. That’s one I need [...]

Simple spa ideas

Heyyy So today’s topic is Spa days! Sometimes you need a little time to relax and let yourself rest. Even if you aren’t tired it’s always fun to have your own little spa, at least i think so. OK confession time i always forget about spa nights and have never done all of these things [...]

Scared for exams

Recently i've been thinking about exams and i am scared.(read until the end to see what helped me)


This blog is about friendships and I’ve kept it short and sweet.

Hey it’s me

Heyyyy guys !! I’m so excited to finally post this . This is my first ever blog and I’m not sure how it’s going to go.