How to revise effectively

Hey everyone ! Today’s blog Collab is with @kittu I am posting my advice for how I revise effectively and Catherine is posting a blog post on how she keeps on top of her homework. It is definitely worth a read ! Catherine is a fantastic blogger. It is easy to revise but harder to [...]

7 unique ways to study

Here is 7 ways that you can study ! There is so many different ways to study and it’s really important to find the right technique , so here is some suggestions to help you find the effective study technique you are looking for.

interview with Annie, ‘in April… gained over 30,000 subscribers’ ‘i’m ecstatic im partially living that goal life’

Hey everyone! Today’s interview post is from a lovely youtuber called Annie, who gives YouTube growth advice over on her channel, which has recently been soaring and doing incredible. We talk all things, insane growth, downsides of YouTube and the ‘ultimate goal’. Anyways let’s get onto the questions because I’m so excited! First of all, [...]

Interview with Beth: “I was able to get 10k in under a year”

Check out Beth here Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! in todays post I interview Beth ! She is so lovely and  has an amazing  instagram account, blog and new business. (Very exciting!) I asked her a few questions about how she grew so fast and her business plans ! Beth is so [...]


Hey guys welcome back to my blog ! I’ve decided to restart my blog and I’m very excited. I stopped blogging when I started my YouTube channel as I found it a lot to keep up with but even before then I wasn’t exactly great at keeping on time and consistent with my blog posts. [...]

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5 ways to make money as a teen

5 EASY ways to make money as a teen So you want to make money ? But you are a teen ? You either can’t apply for a job or you don’t want to ? Is there another way ? Yess, the answer is YESS!! There are so many ways to make money as a [...]

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10 tasty breakfast ideas !

Looking for some different breakfast ideas because you are sick of the same old recipes? Here is a list of different tasty suggestions for the morning.

Interview : The Scrunchie shop -young teen setting up a business

Hey everyone welcome back to the blog ! Today I have another interview but this time it is with a business ! I asked Georgia Spyve who is only 15 and has started her own business! Yep you heard right. She is 15 with her own business. She sells handmade scrunchies

Interview with Jade:Mental health,IBS ,inspiration and more …

Hey everyone !!! Today I have another blog interview ,you might of seen my last one with Poppy, but this time I interviewed Jade! So keep reading to find out more about how to help someone with mental health, her fav things to do, her story on IBS and much more ....

Interview : With Poppy!

Hey guys ! Today I have an interview with Poppy...